Saturday, March 28, 2009

Next chapter in teaching...KINDERGARTEN

So I am off to my new sub position - kindergarten. Here is a picture of what I did over spring break to get ready... it isn't completely done, but I have a classroom to teach in for the rest of the year!!!

After the flood...

So I wanted to wait until the house was decorated and cleaned before I posted pictures of our remodel. However, since life refuses to slow and the only time it is clean is when we aren't home... I took some quick pictures (including the mess) and brought them to UTAH to update my blog. (Since I only update in Utah!!) We are really enjoying our new house now that the construction phase is over and look forward to finally decorating it this summer!!

The rugrats showing off the double reclining sofa and exhibiting some not often seen love and affection towards one another. (Notice the smiles, the next shot wasn't so happy! hehehehe)

This is the Daddy Chair - although, it is usually occupied by Daddy and at least one lap sitter!

Here is MY new CHAIR!! Extra soft and fluffy and red!

New carpet and new tile. This is a shot of the stairs and front entry tile. I really, really love my tile. It is amazing - and I am enjoying the new carpet, it is a workout just vacuuming the stuff because it is so soft and fluffy!

Here is the kitchen with new countertop, new cabinetry hardware and new paint on the walls.